Meet Dr. Joy

Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Granetz received her doctorate in Psychology from George Mason University and is a North Carolina licensed psychologist. She has over 25 years of extensive experience in neuropsychological assessment. During her training, Dr. Granetz worked at the National Institutes of Health in the Cognitive Neuroscience Section administering neuropsychological tests and conducting clinical research. During her clinical internship, she worked at the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where she performed neuropsychological assessments of wounded soldiers.

Dr. Granetz received extensive training in the assessment and treatment of individuals with neurologically-based challenges through her two-year post-doctoral training, as well as through other professional organizations and seminars. Prior to starting her own practice, she worked at Child and Family Development in Charlotte for five years. Previously Dr. Granetz worked in a pediatric group practice in Northern Virginia for ten years, where she helped to establish the Family Compass Attention and Learning Challenges Clinic, a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment and treatment clinic for children and adolescents in Northern Virginia. In addition, she has published research on the neuropsychological effects of brain injury and learning disorders.

Today Dr. Granetz provides neuropsychological assessment and psychoeducational evaluations of children and adolescents with special focus in working with children and adolescents with learning disabilities, attention disorders, head injury, tic disorders, and epilepsy. Dr. Granetz also provides therapy for children and adolescents with emotional and/or behavioral difficulties.

She is proud to be one of the few practitioners in North Carolina offering Cogmed Working Memory Training, an innovative computer-based training program to help children with attention deficits.