Autism Spectrum Evaluations

At Alderwood Psychological Services we offer evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorder for individuals ages 3 years through 25 years old. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by a diverse range of strengths and abilities that contribute to the unique ways individuals with Autism experience and interact with the world. While each person with Autism is different, there are several features that are commonly associated with Autism which include differences in social communication, both verbally and nonverbally (e.g., differences in reciprocal social interactions and nonverbal communication) and differences in developing or maintaining relationships. Sensory sensitivities or repetitive behaviors or interests are also common. Autistic individuals may find security in routines and feel overwhelmed when flexibility is required, feel passionately about their interests, and experience hyper or hyporeactivity to stimuli in their environment such as noises, textures, or lighting.

The concept of neurodiversity is important, recognizing and celebrating the natural variation in human neurocognitive functioning. Neurodiversity emphasizes the idea that differences in neurological development, such as Autism, ADHD or learning differences such as Dyslexia, are a normal and valuable part of human diversity. An evaluation for Autism at Alderwood Psychological Services will strive to identify each individual’s strengths and differences while providing recommendations for increased success and well-being. Similar to other evaluations, an Autism evaluation will include a 60 minute intake with parents. This is followed by 4 to 6 hours of testing and includes all components of a typical evaluation (cognitive ability, academic achievement, executive functioning, sensorimotor skills) and a particular emphasis on social emotional skills.

Specific assessments will be used to better understand how your child responds to social communication, such as semi-structured play assessments and interviews. Additional information will be gathered from adults who work closely with your child such as teachers or therapists. Parent and teacher questionnaires are included. A feedback session is provided for parents, reviewing your child’s strengths, results and relevant recommendations for next steps.

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