The Alder Tree

Where does the name "Alderwood Psychological Services" come from?

The name "Alderwood" is inspired by the Alder Tree, which is known for its strength and resilience. We compare the structure and function of the brain to the Alder tree's roots and branches. Just like how the roots anchor the tree and provide nourishment, the neurons in our brain form the foundation of our thinking.

forest of alder wood trees

Similarly, the branches of a tree spread out, like the neural pathways in our brain that help different parts communicate. This allows our brain to handle complex tasks. And like how trees grow new branches and leaves to adapt, our brain can also change and form new connections as we learn and experience new things.

Alder trees have been important in many cultures for their healing powers and symbolic meaning, representing strength and peace. They're associated with making important decisions and tapping into intuition. In our practice, we use the Alder tree as a metaphor. Just as the roots support the tree's growth, a thorough assessment helps us understand a child's thinking, emotions, and behavior.

By exploring all aspects of a child's functioning, we can discover their strengths and areas where they may need help. This helps families and professionals work together to support the child. Like how the Alder tree symbolizes strength and insight, this assessment process helps children grow and overcome challenges confidently.